"I've been coming to Nia for 8 years now having semi permanent make up on my eyebrows. I am a perfectionist and trust Nia 100% as she always does an incredible job. I would thoroughly recommend treatments with Nia, she really listens to what you want and is very professional" ~ Jenny Brayton

Treatments and Prices

New Procedure £350
refresh £175

concessions available for alopecia and medical

Nia will define your brows with numerous fine hairstrokes or she will create soft, 'powdered' brows. A combination of both techniques can also be used and will add symmetry, depth and definition. The natural mineral pigments are chosen carefully to harmonise beautifully with your hair, eyes and skin.
Lashline Enhancement £300 / £200
refresh £150 / £100
Custom Eye Liner £350 / £250
refresh £175 / £125

prices marked for upper and lower or / just upper or lower eye lids

Semi-permanent make up can bring an end to wobbles, smudges and smears. The Lashline Enhancment will define your eyes for a natural look, and for those who prefer to be more made up, Custom Eye Liner can be created in a variety of looks, including latino with a flick, soft blends and 'smudgy' eyeliner.
Lip Liner £300
refresh £150
Lipblush £350
refresh £175
Full Lip Colour £350 / £400
refresh £175 / £200

In colours that match and enhance  your natural lip tones, Lip Liner will define and perfect the shape of the mouth. The Lip Blush defines the outline with soft shading getting lighter towards the centre, and the Full Lip Colour gives the lips a overall boost of colour and can be created with or without outline definition.
Male Procedures
Full Eyebrows £350
refresh £175
Part Eyebrows from £75

Lashline Enhancment £300 / £200
refresh £150 / £100
prices marked for upper and lower
or / just upper or lower eye lids

Concessions availale for alopecia and medical

Micropigmentation is a popular option for men and can be used for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. Eyebrows are enhanced or re:created using individual hairstrokes that are strategically placed to look natural, 'scruffy' and masculine and the lashline enhancment will subtly define your eyes where lashes are sparse or fine.
Eyebrows women £250 / men £300
refresh women £125 / men £150

Lashline Enhancment £225 / £150
refresh £115 / £75
prices marked for upper and lower
or / just upper or lower eye lids

Lip Re:construction £250
refresh £125

The art of micropigmentation can be carefully used to help re:define and re:identify the features after alopecia, hair loss, burns and scars. Natural pigments are applied into the skin using blending, shading and hairstroke techniques. For best results, when scarring is present
MCA Scar Rejuvenation is recommend prior to treatment to improve the texture of the skin for a smoother canvas.
MCA Micro Needling 30mins - £75
£50 per 30 mins thereafter

Course of treatment recommended.

Targeted treatment for -
Surgery Scars, Burns, Small Trauma Scars, Acne Scars, Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Stretch Marks

Using tiny micro needles the site of the scar or wrinkle is treated to create a mini trauma and to break up the fibres in the area. This triggers a healing re:action in the body and collagen is sent to the scar/wrinkle site, which breaks down any skin tension and builds new collagen in the area. The result is that scars become flat where they are raised, pitted scars are made smoother, wrinkles are smoothed and stretch marks are improved.